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Professional Experiences

  • October 2007 - January 2013: Consulting at Amadeus.
    Java/JEE project management.
    Conception and development of B2B booking tools for professional train trip reservations.
  • June 2006 - October 2007: Consulting at Air France.
    Development of Air France's web site:
  • December 2005 - June 2006: Consulting at Astek.
    Software development for travel agencies.
  • December 2003 - December 2005: Consulting at Amadeus.
    Graphical interfaces development (Java Swing).

My home

Nothing special here.
This building just represents my home.
My address is confidential :).


  • Graphism: Web sites, logos, visual identity creations...
  • Arts: Drawings, oil painting, watercolors, ...
  • Sports: Cycling, dance.

Education and diplomas

  • 2003: Engineer diploma "Ingénieur Civil des Mines de Nancy"
    2003: Language diplomas: CAE (Anglais), El basico (Espagnol)
  • 2000 - 2003: Engeneering studies at "Ecole des Mines de Nancy"
    Computer sciences option.
    Art option at "Ecole des Beaux Arts de Nancy", in the scope of ARTEM's project.
  • 1997 - 2000: MPSI* Preparatory classes
    High School "Aux Lazaristes", Lyon
  • 1997: Bac S "Mention Très Bien"
    School "Aux Lazaristes", Lyon

Personal information

  • Prénom: Stéphanie
  • Birth date: 19th of June, 1980
  • Birth town: Lyon
  • Title: Married
  • Address: Antibes
  • Email:
  • Driving license: Car driving license (B) :)

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